Jenny gives a St Anne’s College Plumer Visiting Fellow lecture on: How can an intersectionality-informed approach assist personalised medicine to meet the needs of Black women’s health and wellbeing?

Black Women’s Health & Wellbeing: Black women campaigning and coproducing better health care. Saturday 19th November 2022. St Anne’s College. Aims: 1. To explore and discuss the health inequities experienced by Black women in the UK and to consult with Black women about the priorities for health research. 2. To learn how these inequities relate to attempts to personalise medicine to meet the needs of Black communities in relation to a range of health aspects in research, practice and policy. 3. To demonstrate the health activism of Black women in identifying health concerns of Black women and developing strategies and policies to reduce existing health inequities. 4. To provide an opportunity for Black women activists, researchers, policy makers and practitioners to examine current gaps in research knowledge and provide an opportunity to develop an agenda for future research on the health and wellbeing of Black women in the UK, especially in relation to personalised medicine.

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