Diversifying personalised medicine

Despite progress in diversifying the research base of personalised medicine, a significant imbalance exists in our understanding of genomic variation globally. This means that it can be much easier to interpret the genetic code from someone of European ancestry than for other global populations. This limitation hinders our understanding of genetic susceptibilities (or protections) in other demographic groups. There are several challenges in achieving diversity in genomic data that will require us to overcome

(1) exclusionary research practices- historically many studies have underrepresented or excluded marginalised populations perpetuating disparities in genetic data

(2) structural issues including racism

and ensure that

(3) the rights and autonomy of all individuals are respected, especially those from historically marginalised groups.

(4) efforts are made to co-design studies with underserved communities so that the research is culturally sensitive and relevant

The CPM explores how institutional change and a research culture that values diversity can support equitable personalised medicine.