Gary Middleton is Professor of Medical Oncology at the University of Birmingham who specialises in lung cancer and colorectal cancer. Appointed to a chair of Medical Oncology at Birmingham in 2013, he is building up a strong clinical research programme in lung and colorectal cancer. Gary has a strong presence in UK stratified medicine clinical trials and is overall Chief Investigator for Matrix, a multi-centre, multi-arm, molecularly stratified clinical trial programme for UK patients with lung cancer. Gary is also a member of the trials management group and Chief Investigator for the BRAF arm of FOCUS4, a molecularly stratified multi-site, multi-arm, multi-stage randomised trials programme for UK patients with colorectal cancer. He was recently awarded MRC Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation funding to investigate the impact of the addition of Ruxolitinib, a STAT3 inhibitor, in mesothelioma. He is also co-lead for the immunobiology arm of TRACERx (Tracking Cancer Evolution through Therapy), a £14 million CRUK-funded study aiming to define how lung cancer develops spatially and temporally. In addition to leading his own clinical research group, Gary is a member of the NCRI Lung Cancer Clinical Studies Group, the advanced lung cancer sub-group, the advanced colorectal sub-group and the pancreatic sub-group. He is a member of the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Awards and Advisory Committee (CTAAC). He also holds advisory board membership for a number of drug companies, and is a member of the Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Centre’s advisory board.

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