The centre of personalised medicine podcast is hosted by Jiyoon Lee, president of the Oxford personalized medicine society and Dr Anika Knuppel, JRF at CPM.

In the first podcast episode as part of our meet the advisory board series, we had the honour to talk to Dr Magdalena Skipper, geneticist and editor and chief of the journal Nature.

She has over 18 years of experience in science publishing and has made history as nature’s first female editing chief and first editor-in-chief from a life sciences background.

In our conversation with Magdalena we spoke about women in Science, the work as an editor and new possibilities for scientific publishing, reproducibility as well as personalised medicine research, a topic described by Magdalena as “close to my heart”. Importantly, she highlighted the role of diversity in this personalised medicine “as wonderful as it has been and as much progress as we have made – the field has by and large focused on a subset of the global population. There has been great predominance of research on individuals of European descent […] but this is a tremendous opportunity to collect the data but also engage those communities in the research that’s being done […]”.

You can listen here.